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Derailed (2005)
Directed by Mikael Hafstrom

Clive Owen plays Charles Schine who is an executive unhappily married to Deanna Schine (Melissa George) and suffers from stress due to his sick daughter and being kicked off an ad account at work. He is tempted to start an affair with Lucinda (Jennifer Aniston). When Charles and Lucinda check into a hotel room, they are attacked by a thug/con-man Philippe (Vincent Cassel). Charles and Luncinda don't get around to the actual affair, but Phillippe blackmails Charles into giving him money for his silence about Charles' attempted affair.

The relationship that developed between Charles and Lucinda dragged on. The only purpose of it was to show how parts would later serve in an intricate scam played on Charles. However, the relationahip development wasn't an interesting story and could have been told more succinctly.

This movie was advertised as a thriller, but there wasn't anything thrilling about it. If a movie relies on a 'twist' in the plot to be the main substance of it then, it will come across as ineffectual. Derailed is not an interesting story. Its twist was predictable, and the violent, graphic scene with Jennifer Aniston was unecessary.

If there was no twist in the story, and if it remained in the hotel room, it would have the potential to be an interesting story about two people who try and start an affair but end up being mugged in a hotel room. You could also throw in an interesting development this time between Charles and Lucinda- fleshing out doubts, guilt, shifting blame. As it is, I don't reccomend this movie.
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