The Harg (crummywatertowr) wrote in reviewsrhere,
The Harg

I don't like every movie

I really don't. Lately, I've been seeing many good movies probably b/c of the Oscar season. These are movies I have seen that I don't like:

1. Chronicles of Riddick: About 3 hours too long. Grade:F
2. I, Robot -- This one was a real disappoinment. Great story, great director (he directed the underated Dark City). This was one movie in which I wanted the bad guys to win because they were ten times more interesting. And they were as interesting as two snails racing. Grade:D
3. Shrek 2 -- Why does anyone like this film is beyond my understanding. While it did have some laughs, it was completely bankrupt of any good ideas for its story. If I want to see a movie spoof other movies I will rent Hot Shots. The original was exactly that. This was tired. What would have been interesting would be for one of them to remain human and the other to remain an orge and for them to remain in love. That would teach kids something about not judging on the outside. And one more thing, every cat I've owned wouldn't just give up b/c it coughed up a hairball. Cats are the gangstas of the animal world; pus-in-boots went out like a punk. Grade: C-
4. American Beauty -- I know this didn't come out any time near the present, but I don't get why this film was loved by so many. I can live with the characters not being likable (many of my favorite films have characters that aren't likable) but these characters, with the notable exception of Chris Cooper's character, are totally unintersting. The plastic bag had a better story to tell. Now if the movie would have been about Chris Cooper's character I could understand all the fuss -- and let's face it, he is not a likable character. The rest of them I didn't really find all that fasicnating. And why did they use Baba O'Reily in the trailor and The Seeker in the movie? Grade: C
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