The Harg (crummywatertowr) wrote in reviewsrhere,
The Harg

Hide And Seek

I will say the only thing I can say nice about this movie first: Famke Janssen is gorgeous.

The plot (so called) centers around a father and daughter trying to overcome the grief of suicide of their wife/mother. This would make an interesting movie in and of itself. It doesn't need anything weird to go on for it is already there.

But of course, failed imaginations make sure that they give us something that we have already seen before. Now horror is the hardest movie to make because there are a finite amount of ways to scare someone. This movie doesn't really find any of these ways.

Now the movie does start off promising. The young girl, played well by Dakota Fanning, creates an imaginary friend who seems to not like her dad, played not-so-well by Robert De Niro. This is an interesting premise and I can't think of anything scarier than watching a child go insane while her father, a psychologist, can't help her. But no, the movie goes for cheap thrills.

This movie does have a great cast: Elizabeth Shue, Famke Janssen, Amy Irving, and Dylan Baker. They also have absolutely nothing to do.

De Niro, along with Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson, was accused of phoning it in by GQ magazine last summer. Well, Pacino has tried to make art with his delving in Shakespeare and Nicholson with About Schmidt. However, De Niro's last good movie was Heat (1995) and his last great one was Goodfellas (1990). I understand he has the right to use his name to get paid, but since I'm doing the paying I think I deserve to get a good De Niro movie again.

Grade: D
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