The Harg (crummywatertowr) wrote in reviewsrhere,
The Harg

Quick Reviews of Stuff I Saw the last Couple of Weeks

1. Star Wars Trilogy Box Set -- Impressive. Most Impressive. A+
2. Boys Don't Cry -- Interesting movie, but a bit thin. Swank deserved the Oscar but she much better in Million Dollar Baby (tells you how good she is). B+
3. Garden State -- While having some laugh out loud moments, character quirks do not a movie make. I really didn't care what happened. D
4. Mystic River -- Flawless. 2nd time I watch it. 2nd time I am amazed. A+
5. Unforgiven -- Eastwood's western deserves to be mentioned with High Noon, The Searchers, and Red River as one of the greatest weasterns of all time. A+
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