The Harg (crummywatertowr) wrote in reviewsrhere,
The Harg

Quick Movie Reviews

1. High Noon -- its a great and awful feeling when you are the only one who is right. A+
2. The Great Dictator -- Chaplin talkie. Made in 39 critizing Hitler (and saying things the rest of the world was afraid to say). While his physical comedy is the highlight here, his final speech maybe the finest non-Shakespeare speach in the history of cinema. -- A+
3. Coffee and Cigarettes -- Not really a movie but a collection of short movies. My favorite was Iggy Pop and Tom Wait's. A
4. Far From Heaven -- if you like weepy melodramas like All that Heaven Allows and Imitation of Life you need to watch this. This is the great film that could not be made in 1958. The story is about a housewife whose's husband is a closet homesexual and so she seeks solace with a black man. Beautifuly shot and acted (especially by Dennis Quaid). B+
5. Pulp Fiction -- You could actually turn the picture off of this movie and still enjoy it. A+
6. Citizen Kane -- weak storyline is overcome by visual and sound brilliance. A+.
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