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Quick Reviews

Bubba HoTep: I expected too much. C
American Splendor: Part Documentary, Part Movie. All Good. Who thought the simple life could be so complex. A-
Y tu mamá también: A realistic coming of age story, meaning plenty of sex, drugs, and alcohol. However, it achieves a pathos by making you live in the present, like its characters, instead of worrying about the past or the future. A
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I loved Y tu mama tambien. You may also want to check out City of God; excellent Brazilian movie.
I will. Thanks. Coming from Lockport, my foreign film selection was very limited. My goal is to rent every one they have at my local hollywood. I had Netflix and know I could get more with them, but I'm too impatient and too impulsive with wanting to see movies.
american splendor is a fav of mine..
great natural story.